Friday, July 25, 2008

Who am I?

Who am I?

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Who am I?
I'm a time traveler and a teleporter. I've seen the future to prevent. I'm on a mission. To save the world. To save my friend.
Almost two months ago, I was sitting in front of a computer, in a cubicle, wanting more from life. Dreaming of a life of adventure. To fly like superman, to heal like wolverine, to be strong like the hulk. Who would have thought all my dreams would come true. Who would have thought that the fate of the world is in my hands.
There is no save point. There is no reset. Actions have consequences and decisions must be made. I couldn't kill Sylar and now my friend is in trouble. And now the world.
From the cubicle, to New York for the first time in my life, to back to Japan and saving the red ribbon girl, to the Nissan Versa, to the Montecito Casino, to the diner where I first met Nathan, to the underground poker game, to the car crash site, to the Burnt Toast Diner, to six months ago, to meeting Mr. Isaac, to the museum, to being kidnapped, to the port with father and sister, to the Casino kitchen, to Linderman's archive, to five years in the future, to Sylar's house, to Jittetsu Arms.
It's down to this moment.
Thank you father for the training. For giving me the strength of heart to carry out what I must do. I've learned so much in our short time together.
Thank you sister for showing me integrity. You've taught me to be true to myself and fight for honor. I take pride in carrying the Nakamura name.
Thank you Charlie for your love. You've taught me what is important in life, and to cherish every moment that I have with the ones I care for. I fight for love. I fight for you so that no one else will have to suffer the same loss.
And Ando. Thank you for showing me courage and loyalty. You've taken a leap of faith and come on this journey with me. You've always brought me back up when I was on my knees. I've put you in peril yet again, and I will not fail you this time.
I'm at full HP and MP, and have all my elixirs. It's time to take down the last boss.
I saw the future that I must prevent and I will prevent it.
Who am I?
I'm Hiro Nakamura. I'm going to save the world.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

Posted By Hiro Nakamura

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